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5 more days!

Hey Everyone!

Only five days until Rawoctober! Are you ready???!!!! To get ready I’m detoxing this week and my body is already thanking me. I must admit…once I went on vacation the first week in September, my bad eating habits have continued and I feel lazy, weighed down, and bloated. I HATE feeling like this. Rawoctober will be good for me and it will be good for you too!

For those that have never adapted a raw lifestyle…or even a vegan lifestyle, PLEASE start working towards that this week. If not, you’ll go crazy and the only thing you’ll think about is what you’re missing.

This week: all water unless I pull out my juicer or blender. All fruits and veggies all day with the exception of one meal.

See, that’s not that bad and you can do it too!



So my best friend in the whole wide world started a blog! Check her out at She is challenging her followers to go raw for October. So yea, I’m going to do it and YOU SHOULD TOO!

Who’s in? Let me know and we can motivate each other. 🙂


DIY Queen: Part 1

So, I’ve been in the midwest for three months and I haven’t decorated my apartment! I know, what’s wrong with me? When I moved here I had one week to unpack essentials before beginning bar prep. As soon as bar prep was over (two months later) I slept for a week. Literally. Then my Mom came into town and decorating wasn’t on my mind. Then vacation…and now I’m bored. 😉

Last week I planned to blog more but I was tired of looking at my white walls and empty floor so I went decor shopping and DIY blog trolling. My first goal: the living room.

I went to Homegoods and stumbled across a lovely rug. From there I began hunting for a coffee table but guess what, they are expensive! I just didn’t feel like paying 200.00 for something to hold my sweet tea and a couple of magazines. My DIYQueen told me I should make my own and you know what, she was right! I went exploring at Goodwill and Habitat Restore for ideas and I saw a random medal square that screamed “I HAVE POTENTIAL!” Guess what, it was only $7.99!!! I scooped it up and went to Lowe’s for some advice. One hour later I acquired sanding pads, primer, brushes, and paint for my lovely project.

I utilized the space in Chief’s garage while he was at work and I began priming and painting. Two days later I had a fully dried lovely green base. I then went glass shopping until I found a nice small-time hardware store that carried a piece large enough. Voila! I have a coffee table that I made myself and it’s lovely!!

This was the base when I saw it in Goodwill…don’t you see the potential?

Base of the table with primer on it after I sanded it

Base of table after two coats of paint

Table finished with the glass on top of my new rug!

Back in the States

Hey Everyone,

I’m back from vacation and guess what?! I need a vacation from my vacation! Everything was wonderful. We snorkeled in Grand Turk, swam in Curacao, and jet skied in Aruba. I HAD A BLAST!!

Our vacation was an eight day cruise with Carnival. We had the opportunity visit four different islands…three of which, I had never visited. For those of you that don’t know…Chief and I met on a cruise 3 years ago. Even though I was a cruise fanatic, cruising has a special place in my heart now. 🙂

So…for those of you that have never been on a cruise, let me tell you. There’s food EVERYWHERE. Dining rooms, buffets, 24 hour pizzeria and room service…and it’s FREE! Yes. I overate. Do I regret it? Kinda, but not really. It was my birthday. It was vacation. And it was a week. (I’m not gonna tell you what the scale said yesterday)

I’m back to being strict. Yesterday I ate a tuna sandwich from subway. For dinner, rotisserie chicken with steamed pasta and veggies. I’m gonna eliminate meat again slowly, and then work my way back to raw so that I don’t shock my body.


1. I gotta lose this vacation weight. As it stands, I’m 10 pounds away from my ultimate goal.

2. Endurance. I only ran once last week and when I went running yesterday I thought I was going to pass out. I gotta get back on my program.

3. Relax. Life is stressful and thankfully I don’t start working until November so the only stress in my life is the stress I create. Time to woosah and namaste.

4. Blog. I’ll be sure to post updates.

🙂 Nubian