One Week Later

And the jiggle is almost gone ๐Ÿ™‚

One week. That’s seven days. 168 hours. 10080 minutes. 604800 seconds. Anyway you look at it, that’s how long it has been since I’ve had meat. Guess what, I’m still alive and I feel great! Have I thought about a juicy ribeye? Yep. Did Chief try to entice me with a burger? Yep. I almost ate seafood but I didn’t. It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t hard. It was a battle of the mind. Last night was the hardest. Around 10pm I became really, really hungry. My juicer was in the dishwasher and I was tired of fruit. I tried eating some chocolate hazelnut butter but as Chief stated, “this tastes like cardboard.” I grabbed my keys because I thought, nothing could be better right now than a super-sized order of french fries from McDonald’s. Sigh. But I didn’t. I drank a glass of lemon water and went to bed.

In the past week I’ve juiced, indulged in raw meals, vegan meals, and vegetarian meals. I ate a magnum almost every night. I ate cookies and chips. I ate whenever I got hungry (with the exception of last night) and guess what…I lost 5.2 pounds!!! In ONE WEEK!!! ๐Ÿ˜† That’s right. Although last night was difficult, I made it through and the scale looked so pretty this morning. Now I’m only 6 pounds away from where I want to be for my birthday which is in 12 days…I’m gonna try to make it!


Just Keep Pushing

The biggest motivator is yourself. The biggest discourager is yourself. Your job is to just keep pushing. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been running more and I’m utilizing a program called Couch to 10K by Zen Labs. I’m currently on week 5 and my plan called for me to do a five minute warm up walk followed by jogging for 22 minutes straight. As I stared at my iPhone I began to panic and doubt that I could do it.ย Actually, I shake my head with each new assignment every week instead of believing that my body can do it.

I’ve never been a distance runner. I admire people that run miles upon miles. I get bored and I don’t have the endurance. Or do I? Is it the voice inside my head telling me I can’t do it or is my body not ready? This weekend I was able to run 22 minutes nonstop. I’ve never tried to do it before but I was able to do it. How? I didn’t think about it. Seriously. I put my headphones in and I refused to look at the timer. The little voice inside my head that likes to talk about doubt and defeat…I kept her busy thinking about something else. I daydreamed while I ran. I thought about my relationship. Chief and I were vacationing around the world, snorkeling, and more. I let my mind think about anything besides the run. And I made it 22 minutes…who knows the distance I can go next time.

Try it. I promise it works.

How do you stay motivated when you want to give up?

Green Goddess

Chief and I decided to go to WOF for some roller coaster action. Since this is my first week of no meat, I decided to whip up something before heading to the park so that I wouldn’t be tempted with the SAD (Standard American Diet) options. I didn’t have a recipe, but I did have variety in the frig. I decided to juice it all. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was YUMMY. AND CHIEF LIKED IT!!

Green Goddess Recipe (2 servings):

6 gala apples

8 stalks of kale

4 carrots

2 cups of spinach (bagged organic spinach)

2 slices of ginger

Green Goddess

I also made some homemade guac and homemade tortilla chips. I prefer baking my tortilla chips in the oven. It allows me to flavor them anyway I want. (And I’m so excited about that pic ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Homemade guac and tortilla chips

Until next time.

Slow Flow

Yesterday I attended the BEST.YOGA.CLASS.EVER. Seriously.

The class, titled “Slow Flow” focused on breathing and relaxation. For those that don’t know me, relaxation is something that I DEFINITELY need because Lord knows I will be the first one in the room to stress about a situation. I will stress about YOUR situation if I don’t think you’re handling it correctly. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ It’s a Virgo trait.

Anyway, at the beginning of class, she explained how this would be different from other yoga classes because she was going to focus on the art of breathing. The art of breathing? I began to get nervous and frustrated. First, I thought we were going to flow through sequences at a slower pace…that’s what I signed up for. Second, everyone knows how to take a deep breath, right? WRONG.

My instructor took us through a series of poses which required us to keep our eyes closed and to focus on deep breathing so that we could go further into the stretch. “Inhale for five seconds. Hold. Inhale another second without releasing. Now exhale slowly for five seconds. Doesn’t that feel good?” Close your eyes and do it. All tension from your body leaves. The oxygen flows though your cells and it’s a mini natural high.

This was the first time that ANY YOGA instructor has EVER explained how to breath while doing the poses. ๐Ÿ˜ย I’ve attended yoga classes on and off for the past three years and I would always quit because I would become frustrated, lost, and I felt as though it was more stressful versus relaxing! I dreaded going into poses because I didn’t know what I was doing. I even took a yoga workshop in NC….didn’t help. The workshop was titled “beginners yoga” but those chicks expected you to already know what was going on. It was a groupon…I should have known. I would attend classes and stare in awe at how flexible everyone else in the room was. I was jealous of how they went into each pose with such each…and they were relaxed the ENTIRE TIME! They weren’t tugging at their legs to bend certain ways. They weren’t shaking or falling over during balance poses. They had learned the art of yoga and I desperately wanted to learn it to. Not to mention the fact that their bodies were lean and strong. Their skin glowed. They had a certain confidence and aura about themselves. In fact, every person that I’ve met that practices yoga has this. HOW DO IT GET IT!! That’s how I felt…until yesterday.

Yesterday was AMAZING. I didn’t want that hour and fifteen minutes to end. I left on a high. I was able to go deeper. I was able to balance. And I was able to breathe. I read online that the art of yoga starts when you learn how to breathe. Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I learned to breathe.

Now that I can breathe, this is just the beginning.


Nubian’s Journey to Inner Peace

During this past summer I was busy studying for the bar. While I attempted to stay “in shape” during the final two weeks of studying I gained 5 pounds. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ Now, some of you may be thinking, “girl, it’s five pounds.” Here’s the deal, I’m already curvy. Five pounds on Lindsay Lohan looks fine. She needs it. Five pounds on someone who is already curvy will push you from a size 10 to a size 12. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about…when you begin to get a back dimple. ๐Ÿ˜ So yea, five pounds to me is no bueno. Especially when I worked the past two summers dropping 20 pounds.

What’s confusing to me ย lately is I’ve tried everything! I haven’t eaten fast food, I’ve been running (couch to 10k), I’ve been lifting weights, and more! The weight is still here! I have a vacation in 16 days and I’m pretty mad. My body isn’t responding.

The biggest issue I have with the weight is the fact that I feel bloated. Chiefย told me that it doesn’t look like I’ve gained weight. He’s supposed to say that, right? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ But I feel as though all of the weight is really in my belly. Just bloated for NO REASON! My legs are toned and my arms are starting to become really defined from lifting. So now what?

Last week Mom was in town visiting from NC. While out dining I ordered some bbq burnt ends. Yummy right? Wrong. I took a bite and had the urge to spit it out. It was TOO much meat. I know, I know…how can that deliciousness be too much meat? For some reason, I started despising meat last week and as I began to limit it…the bloating started going away. Am I on the verge of becoming a vegetarian?ย ๐Ÿ™„

It wouldn’t be the first time. I’ve dibbled and dabbled with cutting out meat, going completely raw, etc. But I’ve never been tired of meat. Wow is all I could say. So, here I am today. A living room full of books on going raw, vegetarian, vegan, and yoga. I’m going to research and experiment. And I’m going to stay away from the scale because it is the DEVIL. Seriously, the scale is the DEVIL. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

Today’s plan. I’m going for a morning run. Today is “week five: day two” of the program. When I come back, I’m going to have a delicious fresh juice for breakfast…probably apple pear ginger. And I’m going to yoga. I have to figure out what’s going to make me feel light, whole, refreshed, and full of peace.


Chief is my boyfriend. He’s a huge KC Chief fan and frankly…he’s my Chief ๐Ÿ˜€