Back in the States

Hey Everyone,

I’m back from vacation and guess what?! I need a vacation from my vacation! Everything was wonderful. We snorkeled in Grand Turk, swam in Curacao, and jet skied in Aruba. I HAD A BLAST!!

Our vacation was an eight day cruise with Carnival. We had the opportunity visit four different islands…three of which, I had never visited. For those of you that don’t know…Chief and I met on a cruise 3 years ago. Even though I was a cruise fanatic, cruising has a special place in my heart now. 🙂

So…for those of you that have never been on a cruise, let me tell you. There’s food EVERYWHERE. Dining rooms, buffets, 24 hour pizzeria and room service…and it’s FREE! Yes. I overate. Do I regret it? Kinda, but not really. It was my birthday. It was vacation. And it was a week. (I’m not gonna tell you what the scale said yesterday)

I’m back to being strict. Yesterday I ate a tuna sandwich from subway. For dinner, rotisserie chicken with steamed pasta and veggies. I’m gonna eliminate meat again slowly, and then work my way back to raw so that I don’t shock my body.


1. I gotta lose this vacation weight. As it stands, I’m 10 pounds away from my ultimate goal.

2. Endurance. I only ran once last week and when I went running yesterday I thought I was going to pass out. I gotta get back on my program.

3. Relax. Life is stressful and thankfully I don’t start working until November so the only stress in my life is the stress I create. Time to woosah and namaste.

4. Blog. I’ll be sure to post updates.

🙂 Nubian


Weekly Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations TrishK! You won the slowcooker!! Please email me at so that I can give you the information for getting your prize!!



Quiet This Week

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all are having a fantastic week. This week for me has been so hectic. Why? Because my birthday is next week!!! I’m looking forward to the festivities; however, I’ve been busy getting ready to leave the country. Here’s some updates in no particular order.

1) I ate meat and didn’t gain weight. 😉 I was craving some chicken and I had some. I know, I know….I was doing so good but this is my journey not yours. Stop judging me already!

2) I’m packing. Chief and I leave for the Caribbean tomorrow and I’ll be gone for awhile so this is the last update until September 10 aside from posting the winner of the slow cooker.

3) Slow Cooker Contest: You have two more days to enter! Post a comment to the previous entry and good luck!

4) I’m still running. Couch to 10K program is kicking my butt; however, I am surprised and overly excited at my endurance. The program REALLY REALLY works. I’m now running 25 minutes nonstop. Next week I begin 28 minutes nonstop. By the end of next week I’ll officially be able to run a 5K nonstop. YEA BUDDY!

Ok, that’s really all for now. I have to finish getting ready, cleaning up, etc. I’ll post the contest winner as soon as I find out. If they email me after Saturday the winner won’t get posted until September 10. I’m leaving all electronics behind. I need relaxation.

Peace, Love, and Happiness.

Market Time

Saturday morning for me is best spent lying in bed with Chief, sliding out for an early morning run, and then making our way to the Farmer’s Market. Yesterday morning was a little different; however, because it was my visit to the market since eliminating meat from my diet. It was exciting, vibrant, and full of the wonderful produce for me to juice and experiment with this week.
My goals were to get fruit for juicing and buy two things that I’ve never bought before. Mission accomplished.

My new items: papaya (I’ve bought it canned or with mixed fruit but never by itself) and eggplant.

I look forward to posting my food this week!

Raw Heaven 🙂


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